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Corporate Services
A question of security People set a very high priority on safety - on the way to school or work, on the job, in public buildings or in the private sphere. There is really no objective way to measure one's personal sense of security. But traffic, vandalism, violence and criminal activity make us feel less safe and secure.

Security doesn't come for nothing - we have to work for it. In specially designed courses, Jürg Steiner offers practical training at basic and advanced levels, transferable to a variety of situations, to help participants develop a sense of security and enable them to take personal charge of their safety.
  • Security coaching for companies
  • Advanced courses in "Violence and Communication" for social workers and appointed guardians
  • Conflict prevention courses for municipal government
  • Interactive media training, response training and firearms training for police forces
  • Property security consulting for companies and government
  • "65-Plus" courses - safety training for the mature, active generation
  • Safety training for the disabled

Outdoor communication courses for executives
Outdoor training courses address certain high-pressure situations - for example, a vehement argument between two individuals. The goal is to apply appropriate communication and responses to keep violence from escalating, and to understand both one's own responses and team attitudes. The course also provides practice in thinking and acting under stress. Ideal for corporate executives who want to take more than a routine training course.

Public relations = Relating to the public
What's the best way to deal with the public? How to build trust? Swiss Marshal provides PR support and coaching not just for companies, but for private persons in the public eye. Every individual, every company, every government agency, every interest group has a public image that has to be cultivated appropriately, depending on one's product or service. The more credible you are, the more convincing your message will be.

"Thorough safety training for company staff helps them do the right thing when faced with a crime."

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