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  Private Individuals
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Clients and Core Competences
Major corporations, small businesses, unions, hotels and restaurants, filling stations, shops and newsstands, security firms, bus and tram companies, shippers, travel agencies, media companies, hospitals and medical practices, banking institutions, airlines.
Individualized safety training for staff in dealing with violence, threats, assault, escalation, counterfeit money, theft, suspicious objects; how to act if taken hostage or under a bomb threat; general and special-event security services, self-defense and self-protection.

Government services
Universities, vocational schools, teaching workshops, hospitals, social services, police forces, cantonal and municipal governments, schools and kindergartens.
Safety campaigns, security events, self-defense, specialized training for police, safety coaching and safety workshops.

Private individuals
Children, teenagers, adults, seniors, the disabled, homeowners, business people and executives.
Public relations, marketing, communications, media training, personal security and driver services, protection against violence and sexual assault, drug prevention, traffic safety, boxing, fitness and simple self-defense.

Social projects
Church congregations, aid organizations, persons in need, Benefit Swiss Community Policing, foundations to promote peace and development.
Safety concepts, social services, self-defense and personal protection, safety workshops and training for individuals and organizations.