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Private Individuals
Self-defense and personal safety courses
Have you ever been confronted with violence? If you haven't, let's hope you never will be. Violence, the most primitive form of communication, may take both physical and psychological forms.

How can you counteract threats of violence or violent actions if you're suddenly faced with them personally, or find yourself in threatening situations? Swiss Marshal training in self-defense and personal safety is designed for both women and men. You don't have to be physically fit. Courses take a learning-by-doing, practical approach. Each unit begins with a specially focused warmup. Then come various exercises in weaponless self-defense, including personal safety tips. The session ends with stretching. The self-defense techniques taught are simple and can be used even in very confined spaces. The emphasis is on recognizing danger, avoiding danger, responding properly, and dealing with provocations, harassment, threats and violent acts. You learn your own customized, personal form of safety management.

Learning-by-doing courses for children at kindergarten, at school or at home
To learn, kids need a wide variety of sensory experiences: they smell, taste, touch, feel, see and hear. Hands-on courses train kids' senses, alerting them to potential risks without frustrating their natural curiosity, openness or spontaneity. Special courses in traffic safety and personal safety, with simple self-defense techniques, help kids assess a situation correctly so they can protect themselves from danger in the best possible way. The course teaches kids self-confidence and helps them assess critical situations.

Home burglary prevention for house and apartment
Organized gangs or individual criminals watch and plan before attempting a burglary. What can you do to keep them away? How can you protect yourself and your home? Swiss Marshal provides skillful, reliable, confidential consultations.

Whether for simple disagreements or deep disputes, a mediator can help both sides in an argument (for example, in a neighborhood controversy) resolve their conflicts out of court. The mediator encourages the communication process and mutual understanding. Special mediation courses are available for schools and kindergartens.

"Situational communication can keep tensions from escalating."

Polizei-Sicherheitsaktion für Kinder und Autofahrer