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Government Agencies
Community Policing
Community Policing means police work oriented to the community, seeking solutions, working closely with citizens. It's a philosophy aimed at strengthening and encouraging a spirit of partnership between the population and their police. "Pulling together, not in opposite directions" is the idea. Local police take their cues from the concerns and needs of their own local community. In fighting crime and encouraging traffic safety, they urgently need the public's help. That's why citizens have to be included as partners in the process of recognizing and solving problems. Today, police work means applying creativity and innovation to develop a new image of the police. Prevention events, campaigns and open house events help communities and police find solutions together.

Police training at all levels
Today's police officer has to be trained in problem solving. Special basic and advanced courses apply experiential learning methods to familiarize participants with the concept of Community Policing. Where police can put this concept successfully into action, they build a new awareness and image among the public. Interactive response training and defensive firearms training teach tactical and technical approaches. The curriculum is rounded out with situational communication and media training.

Safety coaching for municipal government and social services
Special hands-on coaching sessions help improve safety management in government. Emphases include: response training, how to handle provocation, harassment, threats and violence. Individual and group assignments, simple self-defense measures and a psychological approach help reduce fear and stress.

Security-oriented events and campaigns
Security events are a major aid in putting across an important message understandably and enjoyably to your target audience. Swiss Marshal helps plan, organize and conduct events, from original idea to finished concept to final execution, as well as post-project reviews.

"Practical safety coaching for municipal employees equips them with a useful security package."