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A Personal Portrait
Jürg Steiner
Jürg Steiner came to the attention of the public and the media while still a police officer. A specialist in Community Policing, he was in demand as a safety trainer and PR consultant for police corps, municipal governments, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in the private sector. He became known well beyond regional boundaries for his creativity and innovative ideas - even earning a "Prix du Service public" certificate, an award established to acknowledge innovative projects for reforming the civil service and to encourage modernization in the public sector.

Jürg Steiner was an officer on the Bern police force before becoming an instructor in the private sector. After a variety of additional training courses both in Switzerland and abroad, in the mid-nineties he returned to police work in a community near Zürich. Here he became especially intrigued with the concept of the one-man police force. His approach to police work as Community Policing calls for both close contact with the community and ongoing training - which he pursued by earning certification in public relations and as a traffic safety instructor, ultimately completing an advanced certificate in the latter field from Zürich's prestigious Institute for Applied Psychology. He was in charge of basic and advanced training for the firearms instructors' corps, and was a motivating force and police firearms instructor for police courses in response training and the defensive use of firearms. He also used this position as a means of communicating his public-service concepts. Additionally, the municipal police chiefs of the Canton of Zürich drafted him as a consultant for police public relations work. He conceived the highly successful two-year ZKOT Project ("Zurich Community One & Two"), and trained the project's PR, Marketing and Policing Business managers. Jürg Steiner also worked as an air security officer for Swissair. Today he is an independent safety trainer serving private individuals, corporations and the public sector.

Swiss Marshal
The Swiss Marshal concept takes its inspiration from the U.S. Marshal in the United States: a highly professional, highly skilled officer with a reputation for excellent resources.

Corporate philosophy
Steiner Security in Community protects people from danger - with professionalism and dedication, through both prevention and direct assistance.

"Security doesn't come for nothing. We have to work for it."